Last Update: July 2023

1.  Full Affidavit checks (Proofs of residency and your map) will be conducted by the Tournament Director at the Host site of the first game of section play AND by a designated Section Official at the championship game. Birth certificates DO NOT have to be carried with you.  

2.  All Managers must provide contact information for themselves and their coaches by filling out the contact information form – go to the home page for the link to this form.  Please make sure you properly identify your district and league.

3. All teams must arrive 60 minutes prior to game time. Please see the Tournament Director at the site for check-in. DO NOT ENTER A DUGOUT UNTIL CHECKED IN AND COIN FLIP HAS BEEN DONE BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. When checking in, the manager must provide the Tournament Director with his/her Tournament Affidavit and a lineup card to include the First AND Last Names of the players, their jersey numbers, and their starting positions.

4. Each team participating in the Little League Williamsport Tournament will be required to carry the following with them – NO EXCEPTIONS:

A. Tournament Team Affidavit – must be signed by District Administrator or his/her representative;
B. Tournament Player Verification Form signed by the parent, League President & District Administrator (Item C below should be stapled or clipped to each form)
C. Proofs of Residency for each player – 1 proof for each group OR School Verification Form
D. Boundary Maps, signed by League President & District Administrator. If Map is downloaded from the Little League site, no signatures are necessary
E. Medical Release Forms;
F. Waivers, if applicable;
G. Little League Code of Conduct; and
H. 6 new tournament-quality baseballs or softballs, as appropriate

5. Dress Code:  Managers and Coaches must wear collared shirts; shorts are permitted in all Districts.  Shorts must be belted shorts that come to the knee. No workout shorts are permitted. 

6. In the event of inclement weather, all field assignments and the pool play schedule are subject to change. Please consult the daily updates page for information on postponements, cancellations, field assignment adjustments, etc.


7. Home Team shall occupy the 1st base dugout; Visiting Team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout. Home and away will be determined by coin flip handled by the Tournament Director.

8. Batting practice will be permitted at the host location on a separate field if available, first come, first served. The onsite tournament director will advise if a field is available (ie, don’t show up expecting a field).  Any practice on that separate field must end 45 minutes before game time.  It is strongly suggested that non-hosting teams do their pre-game warm-up at their home field prior to traveling to the host location.  NOTE: Infield practice on the field of play is NOT permitted prior to game time in Districts 28 & 34; infield practice time on the field of play is NOT GUARANTEED in any of the other districts.

9. No one may enter the turf fields at Burns Park.

10. The winning manager MUST email the score of the game to within 2 hours of game time. Please include your district, division, and date of game (for example, 11/12 Softball on 7/7, D34 vs D32 

11.  A game suspended, for any reason, shall be rescheduled by the DA for the host district, or, if not available, the Section Coordinator or Ass’t Section Coordinator. On-site Tournament Directors should contact the applicable person before advising any managers of the rescheduled date, time and/or location.

12. Rythmic chanting will not be permitted during a game if, in the umpire’s determination, it rises to the level of unsportsmanlike conduct.

If you win the section; please go to the New York Section website for your next round of play.

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